Cleansing the intestines-natural ways.


Bowel cleansing sounds like the name of a complicated medical procedure, and yet you can do it in the comfort of your home. Cleansing the intestines prevents bowel diseases, positively affects our well-being. Learn home methods of bowel cleansing and cleansing diets.

A diet low in fiber and a sedentary lifestyle promote the deposition of deposits in the intestines and constipation. Leftovers in the intestines lead to the spread of toxins in the body, which badly lead to many dangerous diseases. Negatively affect on the cardiovascular system, they also cause mood disorders.

It is worth taking care of healthy intestines, not only occasionally, using cleansing treatments, but also taking care of them every day.

A diet rich in fiber, vegetables and fruits

This is a natural and safe way to cleanse the intestines from leftovers. Such a diet prevents constipation and protects the body from intestinal diseases.

What is fiber?
Dietary fiber is a variety of substances, usually of plant origin, that are not digested by digestive enzymes. Fiber has a beneficial effect on health and prevents many diseases, including cancers of the gastrointestinal tract.

Fiber contributes to to:

  • lower absorption of cholesterol and triglycerides
  • blood pressure decreased
  • insulin requirements
  • regulation of the rhythm of bowel movements, prevents constipation
  • development of beneficial intestinal bacteria
  • reduce the feeling of hunger.

Sources of dietary fiber are vegetables, fruits, cereal products (bran, cereals, natural cereal flakes, muesli, paddy rice, instant breads and rye) and pulses.

Give up processed foods

Avoid fast food, ready meals, spice mixes, colorful fizzy drinks, wheat bread, salty snacks, and limit your meat intake.

Physical activity will certainly contribute to the natural cleansing of the intestines. It is worth at least three times a week, for example, to go for a quick walk, swim, ride a bike. Any form of movement is good and improves intestinal peristalsis. Give up processed foods

1. Kefir
It provides valuable probiotic bacteria and enriches the bacterial flora. Cleansing the intestines with kefir is effective in combination with another component-flaxseed.

2. Linseed
it is effective in cleansing the colon. Every day you should consume from 1 to 3 teaspoons a day for about 3 weeks.

The two products can be combined and a three-week cleansing treatment can be carried out.

Cleansing the intestines with kefir: treatment

100 ml kefir
1-3 tsp ground seeds
We add flax seeds to kefir. We start with one teaspoon, gradually increase to three. It is also recommended to drink plenty of water, approx. 2 liters per day.

3. Apples
Apple is one of the best natural “cleansers” of the large intestine. It is worth remembering this and every day to eat at least one fruit. To cleanse the intestines from the deposits, you can eat an increased amount of them for three days.

Bowel cleansing: do not use this

Fasting and mono-diet

Specialists warn against such drastic methods. Of course, one-day fasting should not hurt, but its use in the long run slows down metabolism, disrupts water-electrolyte balance and organ function.

Havoc in the body also cause any diet based on one or more ingredients.


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